Here is my portfolio

As a writer, how often do you get the question: “Can I see some of your work?” I got it every time I applied for an assignment. That’s how PortfolioSites was born. I needed an online portfolio for myself. I am now offering to do the same for you. Apply now and get own PortfolioSite. It’s your writer’s portfolio online.

You can apply by clicking here, or you can read the following FAQ:

What does it cost?

  • €600 to set up. That includes one year of storage.
  • €50/year for storage costs (after the first year).
  • Pricing excluding VAT.

What do I get for that?

Here’s exactly what:

  • A very nice portfolio site with your articles sorted in categories.
  • A great and easy-to-remember link. You will get a subdomain of portfolio sites. You can pick any one, as long as it hasn’t been taken yet by another customer. For example, you can use your name ( or your company name ( From then on, you can just mail your link to prospects and use it in your e-mail signature.
  • Up to 10 articles pre-processed and published. If you provide me some of your work, I will make sure your portfolio site is fully usable within a week.
  • Every tool to manage your site. PortfolioSites is based on WordPress, which is an easy-to-use blogging tool. So adding new work is as easy as writing a blog post.
  • Integration with e-mail campaigns. PortfolioSites is integrated with MailChimp, a free tool to manage lists of e-mail contacts and to send newsletters.
  • Security. PortfolioSites has a number of plug-ins installed that stop hackers from attacking your site or from spamming your articles with comments.

Why should I bother?

I know, that was what I thought, too. Why bother making a portfolio?

Until I got bored and finally made that portfolio site. Here’s what changed:


Employer: Can I see some of your work?
Me: Uhm, sure, I think I have a few things laying around somewhere
(procrastinate, find other stuff to do)

Oh no! They ask me to show some work!
Oh no! They ask me to show some work!

If it was a very patient employer, I got a reminder and I would start rummaging through everything I kept. If I had kept anything.


Employer: Can I see some of your work?
Me: Of course! Why don’t you take a look at
Employer: Wow! Did you write everything that you mention on that page? What really catches my eye is the article on … That’s exactly what we need, too!

A simple portfolio site that's easy to browse
A simple portfolio site that’s easy to browse

 Why give my site to you?

You’re not giving it to me. I’ll make it for you, but you get an administrator account to manage it yourself.

But I understand that you still may not trust me. So here’s a few extra things to convince you:

  • I walk the walk. I have done plenty of writing myself and I know how hard it is to present your work well. That’s why I built and that’s why I converted what I learned there into
  • I have the experience to do it. I built my first WordPress site in 2010. It’s still live! Before that, I built websites on GeoCities and such platforms. Actually, I built a blog(-like site) in HTML in 2000. You can find them on mirrors like

What are the alternatives?

  • If you have no experience with websites, you can build your own WordPress site in a few hours on That’s how I got started. is the commercial version. It doesn’t support all themes or plug-ins, but it’s pre-wrapped and ready for use. You have to pay to redirect your own domain name to it.
  • There’s a wild variety of service providers ready to make a website for you. If they need to do any sort of design, they are more expensive than PortfolioSites. Why? Because I use existing designs and adapt them to your style by using your logo and graphics.
  • If you do have experience with websites, you can get WordPress (or any other CMS), install it on a web hosting provider and do it yourself. By the time you’ve got it set up and ready to add content, you may have already spent a day. Depending on your daily rate, PortfolioSites costs you about 1,5 days. But you get several advantages when you build your own site. You can tweak it in any way you like. And a website that you built yourself is, of course, just another item to add to your portfolio.